December 2022: Food Truck in the Garden of Earthly Delights: Three solo journaling games about cooking for demons, speedrunning your dreams, and the wrestling with the moon. They are all  hacks of Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars, and were created for the 2022 Minimalist TTRPG jam hosted by Binary Star Games.

April 2022: Phenomena: Seven shifting stories about UFOs. An interactive poem, and a back-garden entry in the 2022 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction.

January 2022: I am just a very tiny part of Midwinter Constellation, a lovely collaborative poem written with 31 other women on December 22, 2018, the 40th anniversary of Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day. The book, edited by Becca Klaver, is now available for preorder from Black Lawrence Press.

September 2020: Carrotopia: A Bitsy Arcade is a small collection of games/sketches I made while quarantined in order to learn how to use Adam Le Doux’s Bitsy Game Maker, a “little editor for little games or worlds.”

So Are the Days (text on glitchy 8-bit dungeon-looking background)

April 2020: So Are the Days: Stories about sand, stories that behave like sand. A back-garden entry in the 2020 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction.

December 2019: Still Life is a succession of surfaces created for sub-Qjam 2019.

ROUND / SQUARE is a porous taxonomy created for sub-Q Magazine Love Jam 2018.

Afraid of Money is a procedurally generated Twine poem, assembled using Markov processes. It was published by the Orange Juice Public Library in August 2018.

REALLY, IF / REALLY, ALWAYS is a work of hypertext interactive fiction. It’s an experiment in human-mediated computer–computer interaction. It’s published by the Orange Juice Public Library and is also part of the 2018 Spring Thing festival of interactive fiction (as a Back Garden entry).

Little Uglies, my chapbook, was published by Bloof Books in July 2014  and is now available (for free!) in various ebook formats.

My poetry also appears in publications such as West Wind Review, Shampoo, smoking glue gun, and Pinwheel.

Hidden harmonies in John Cage’s Empty Words, Jacket2, 2012.

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